About Us

Esperti nella lavorazione e nella commercializzazione del legname da costruzione, legna da ardere e pellet.


Our History

Many years of experience serving the end customer.

Over the years, Angelo Panzavolta has gained extensive experience in the field of construction timber, thanks to which he establishes collaborative relationships with various suppliers in Austria and establishes the company called KRONA HOLZHANDEL GMBH; the product sector is the marketing and production of construction timber, firewood and pellets for heating, the area of ​​interest remains the Italian territory.

In 2021 in collaboration with a partner, he founds in Italy a company serving the Austrian parent company, K.INDUSTRIE S.r.l. which has its registered office and its operational headquarters in Verona (VR), a geographically strategic point for customers. K.INDUSTRIE S.r.l. takes care of the last phase of the processing of goods imported from Austria and delivery to the final customer.